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Ma Liang, nicknamed Maleonn, was born in Shanghai in 1972, at the height of the Cultural Revolution. This internationally renowned Chinese photographer claims a naive and innocent simplicity in opposition to the chaotic world created by the prosperity of capitalism.


2010 Gold Medal of ‘China’ theme and Gold Medal of 8th Trierenberg Super Circuit, Austria
2009 Pingyao International Photo Festival Excellent Photographer Awards, China
2008 Photograph of the Year Winner in Fine Art Category, and 1st place –outstanding Achievement, 4th Spider Awards, Black and White World Photographic Arts  
2008 Award in photography of Culture China, Annual Culture People by Oriental Morning Post, Shanghai, China
2007 The most important 50 international contemporary visual artists by MAC Magazine, Japan
2006 The most potential young artists, Art Finance Mag, China
2006 IDAA Award, Queensland, Australia
2006 AA China Contemporary Art Awards nomination  

2020 "Small is Beautiful", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2019 "Imaginaires photographiques", Art22 Studio, Brussels
2017 "Working on History : Contemporary Chinese Photography and the Cultural Revolution", Museum für Fotografie, Berlin
2017 "Playhouse - New Transfer Media Art", Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
2016 "Modern China", Dikrech National Art Museum, Luxembourg
2016 "A New Dynasty - Created in China", AROS AARHUS Museum of Modern Art, Denmark
2015 GuatePhoto International Photo Festival, Santo Domingo National Art Museum, Guatemala
2015 Fotografica Bogota 2015, National Museum of Photography of Colombia, Bogota
2015 "Grain to Pixel - A Story of Photography in China", Shanghai Centre of Photography, Shanghai
2015 "The First Edition of Chiangjiang International Photography & Video Biennale", Chiangjiang Museum, Chong Qing, China
2015 "Harmony and Transition - Reflecting Chinese Landscapes", Museum marta Herford, Bielefeld, Germany
2015 "Impermanence is often", Museum Angerlehner, Wels, Austria
2015 Nieuwe Amsterdam Arts Festival, Amsterdam
2014 Singapore International Photography Festival, Singapore
2014 "Costumed memento", Galerie Philippe Cremer, Dusseldorf, Germany
2014 "Contemporary Photography in China 2009-2014", Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai
2014 "The Boy with Magic Brush", Asia one Gallery, Hong Kong, China
2014 "The old mountains and rivers", Canvas International Art Gallery, Amsterdam
2013 "The Specimens of the Time", Paris Beijing Gallery, Paris
2013 "Portrait of the Times : 30 years of Chinese Contemporary Art", Power Station of Art Museum, Shanghai
2013 Art13 London art Fair, London
2013 "Impermanence is often", parallel exhibition of Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
2013 "Studio Mobile", Mission gallery, Swansea, United Kingdom
2013 "The Birdy : Maleonn's 10 years Retrospective in Art", Guojidanwei Art Center, Guangzhou, China
2013 "Studio Mobile", Paris Photo Art Fair, Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris
2013 "Studio Mobile", Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai
2012 "From the Here to There", CIT Cork School of Music, Union Quay, Cork, Ireland
2012 "Rising Dragon : Contemporary Chinese Photography", San Jose Museum of Art, California
2012 "White on White", Museum of Fine Arts, Valencia, Spain
2012 "Making Way", National Arts Festival 2012, Cape Town, South Africa
2012 "A Thin Line Between Love & Hate", United Photo Industries Gallery, New York
2012 "Super(heroes)", NYC Department of Transportation's Urban Art Program, New York
2011 "White on White", AJG Contemporary Art Gallery, Seville, Spain
2011 2902 Gallery, Singapore 
2011 Galerie S.E., Bergen, Norway
2011 Espace Art 22, Brussels
2011 "Mechanism of Forgetting" Huelva Museum, Spain
2011 Ballarat International Foto Biennale, Ballarat, Australia
2011 "Cracket Culture", parallel exhibition of Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy
2011 Fotofestival, Lodz Art Center, Lodz, Poland
2011 "Far Away Beauty Lingers", Other Gallery, Shanghai
2011 "Green Square Exhibition", Cath Alexandrine Danneskiold-Samsoe Gallery, Denmark
2010 “Rehearsal” Shanghai Biennale
2010 Vejle Kunst Museum, Jylland, Denmark
2010 "Soul of China", Magda Danysz Gallery, Paris
2010 Nature of China, True Color Museum, China
2010 "Gamer", CO2 Gallery, Rome
2010 "Reshapping History China from 2000 to 2009", Today Museum, China
2010 "Chinese Contemporary Photography", Fremantle Arts Centre, Australia
2010 "Passing China", Gallery Sanstorium, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 "White on White", Magda Danysz Gallery, Shanghai, China
2010 Galleri S.E. Bergen, Norway
2010 Stills Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2009 FAF, Bielsko-Biala, Poland
2009 "Passing by China – Contemporary Photography", Eli Klein Fine Art, New York, USA
2009 "Reversed Images", Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, USA
2009 Shanghai Legendary, Art Next Gallery, New York, USA 
2009 "What Love Is", Ofoto Gallery, Shanghai, China
2009 "Kingdom of Illusion", Paris Beijing Galerie, Paris 
2008 Retrospective, Museum of Contemporary Art of Shanghai, China
2008 Fantastic, MAG Visual Art Center, Hong Kong, China
2008 Garden of Mirrors, Shanghai Art Museum, China
2008 Galeria Tribeca Arte, Madrid, Spain
2008 Marbles, Gossip Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand
2008 PhotoMIAMI, Miami, USA
2008 Days on the Cotton Candy, Kasia Art Projects Gallery, Chicago, USA 
2008 Espace Art 22, Brussels
2008 Galeria Tribeca Arte, Madrid, Spain
2008 China Design Now, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2008 Ogilvy Art Center, New York, USA 
2008 Endless Dreamers, Roma, Italy
2008 Out of the Spotlight, Ch’I Contemporary Fine Art, New York, USA
2007 Labyrinth, Craig Scott Gallery, Toronto, Canada 
2007 Nostalgia, Around Space, Shanghai, China
2007 Cicada, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
2007 Shanghai New Art, Washington Art Fair, DC, USA
2007 Dragon’s Evolution, China-Square Art Center, New York, USA
2007 Whispering Wind : recent Chinese Photography, Nashville, USA
2007 Asiana – A survey of Contemporary Asian Art, Toronto, Canada
2007 What makes Shanghai Addictive?, Dome, Berlin
2007 Post-Vanguard, Chinese Contemporary Art, Hong Kong
2007 Chinese Walls, Walls Gallery, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Wonderland, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, Chine (solo show)
Transfigurations, Craig Scott Gallery, Toronto, Canada (solo show)
Sweet and Sours, Art Sea Gallery, M50, Shanghai, Chine (solo show)
The Virtual Salon, Museum of Contemporary Art, New York, USA

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