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Gordon Hopkins is a prolific painter born in Boston in 1965 in a family of visual artists. He architectures what he paints like the gardens he imagined when he was a landscape designer. Driven by a constant creative energy, Hopkins' oil paintings are energetic, recognisable and full of joy.

Gordon Hopkins

2022 Winter show, Art22 Studio, Brussels
2021 Visus Gallery, Lasne
2020 Galerie Glineur, Saint Martin, Ile de Ré
2020 "Small is Beautiful", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2020 Cercle Royal Gaulois Artistique et Littéraire, Brussels
2020 Art22 Studio, Brussels
2019 Galeria Casa Colon, Yucatan, Mexico
2019-2018 Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2019-2018 Visus Gallery, Lasne
2019-2016 Galerie Gabel, Biot, France
2019-2015 Galerie Arnaud Bard, Boulogne Billancourt
2019-2013 Galerie Glineur, Saint Martin, Ile de Ré
2019-2012 Galerie Collégiale, Lille
2019-2008 Galerie Liehrmann, Liège
2019-2008 La Galerie, Hossagor, France
2016 Colisée Lambersart, Lille
2015 Twins, Galerie Collégiale, Lille
2015 Cube Gallery, London
2012 Galerie Daniel Bissiche, Knokke
2010 Borgi Gallery, Engelwood, USA
2010-2002 Galerie Baltazar, Brussels
2007 Santa Fe Art Fair, USA
2007 Miami Contemporary Art Fair, USA
2007 Palm Beach Contemporary Art Fair, USA
2007 Art DC, Washington DC, USA
2006-2003 Belgrave Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall, UK
2006-2003 Santa Barbara Art Co, USA
2005 Belgravia Gallery, London
2005 Jenny Granger Gallery, Whitstable, UK
2005-2001 Lemon Street Gallery, Truro, Cornwall, UK
2001 Gallery One on One, Brussels
2000-1999 Open Studios, San Francisco
1994 AVA Gallery, Hanover, NH, USA

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