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The artworks of the Belgian artist Johan Van Mullem (born in Isiro in 1959) are contemplative and require no discourse, even though they are deeply rooted in a thorough knowledge of art history. His paintings, drawings, sculptures and ceramics are emotional, sometimes mystical captures of a lived experience. His recent solo exhibition at the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium in Brussels was acclaimed by both the public and the press, positioning him as one of Belgium's leading contemporary artists.  

Johan Van Mullem


2023 Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, Brussels

2022 “Ataraxie”, Loo & Lou Gallery, Paris

2019 “Reverence”, Unit London

2019 “Apnea”, GR Gallery, New York

2018 « Bleu Topique », MACM Musée d’Art Classique, Mougins, France

2017 « 3 Espaces, 3 Univers », Loo & Lou Gallery, Paris

2017 Musée d’Ixelles, Brussels



2023 Christie’s London, Collection of Christian Levett

2023 Art on Paper Art Fair, Galerie Brachot, Brussels

2021 “When photos spy the paintings”, Galerie Brachot, Durbuy, Belgium

2021 “Back to life”, GR Gallery, New York

2021 “Recueil Chapitre I”, Galerie Brachot, Durbuy, Belgium

2019 Damme Stads Art Festival, Belgium

2019 Benjamin Eck Gallery, Munich

2019 Belgian Gallery, Namur, Belgium

2019 Paris Art Fair, Loo & Lou Gallery, Paris

2019 Aeroplastics Gallery, Brussels



Musée d’Art Classique de Mougins – MACM, France

Museum of Ixelles, Brussels

National Museum of Fine Arts Kaunas, Lithuania

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