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Artist with an elusive personality born in Moscow in 1983, Oleg Dou tackles the theme of the portrait of a live model, entirely reworked using computer (in 2012, his mastery earned him the title of Adobe Photoshop Ambassador). His work attracts or disturbs: it leaves no one indifferent. His vision and mastery rank him among the photographers who marked the history of contemporary photography.

Oleg Dou

2012 International Ambassador for the new edition of Adobe Photoshop CS6
2011 Artprice Top3 Best sales progression as artist less than 30years in international public auctions
2010 & 2009 International Photography Awards, Professional Category
2009 Arte Laguna Art Prize – Best young photographer for “Ira’s Tears”
2008 Photographer of the year Fine Art, International Photography Awards
2008 & 2007 Kandinsky Awards, Moscow
2008 International Photography Awards, Professional Category, 1st place for Toystory
2007 International Photography Awards, Professional Category, 1st place for Nuns serie, 2nd place for Naked Faces serie
2007 International Photography Awards, Photographer of the year Special
2007 International Color Awards, 1st place Photographer of the year
2007 International Color Awards, 1st place Outstanding Achievement in Fine Arts


2021 Why Not Gallery, Cube, Moscow
2020 "Recent Works", RTR Gallery, Paris
2019 Osnova Gallery, Moscow
2016 Osnova Gallery, Moscow
2016 Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston
2015 "Rétrospective 2007-2015", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2015 "Oleg Dou : Select works", Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston
2014 "Mushroom Kingdom", Senda Gallery, Barcelona
2014 "Mushroom Kingdom", RTR Gallery, Paris
2014 "8 years", RTR Gallery, Paris
2014 "Faces", Galerist, Istanbul
2012 "Another Face", RTR Gallery, Paris
2011 "Cubs", Senda Gallery, Barcelona
2011 "Cubs", Espace Art 22, Brussels
2011 "Cubs", RTR Gallery, Paris
2011 "The Faces", Bielska BWA Gallery, Bielsko Biala, Poland
2010 "Recent Works", RTR Gallery, Paris
2010 "Toy Story", Flatland Gallery, Utrecht, Netherlands
2010 "Toy Story", Senda Gallery, Barcelona
2009 "The Faces", Interalia Gallery, Seoul
2009 "Tears", Espace Art 22, Brussels
2008 "Toy Story", Aidan Gallery, Moscow
2007 Small&Co Gallery, Paris
2007 Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles
2007 Espace Art 22, Brussels
2007 Momo & Co Gallery, Paris
2006 Le Simoun Gallery, Paris

2024 Art22 Gallery - de Ville & Brouwers, Knokke

2022 Art22 Gallery, Brussels

2021 « The Face », Art22 Gallery, Brussels

2021 "Winter Show", Art22 Studio, Brussels
2021 "Mes Amours", Liza Fetissova Gallery, Paris
2021 "A Family Story", Liza Fetissova Gallery, Paris
2020 "Small is Beautiful", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2019 "Imaginaires photographiques", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2018 "Looking back and Beyond", Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston
2018 Centre Cultural Tecla Sala, Barcelona
2017 "Elegance", RTR Gallery, Paris
2017 Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2016 Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2016 "On behalf of Baboushka", RTR Gallery, Paris
2016 "All eyes on me", Pechersky Gallery, Moscow
2015 "Winter Show", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2014 "Happy!", RTR Gallery, Paris
2014 Laura Marsiaj Gallery, Rio de Janeiro
2013 "Am I Beautiful", RTR Gallery, Paris
2012 "Restart", Red October Gallery, Moscow
2012 "Perestroika", Fotofest 2012 Biennal, Houston
2012 "I am who I am", KIT Kunst im Tunnel, Düsseldorf
2012 "Focus on Russia II", Deborah Colton Gallery, Houston
2012 Ulsan International Photo Festival, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
2011 "F for Fake", Belvedere Palace, San Leucio, Italy
2010 Senda Gallery, Barcelona
2010 "Les Russes! Portraits photographiques des années 1950 - 2010", Orel Art Gallery, Paris 
2010 "L’exquis et l’obscur", D.X. Gallery, Bordeaux
2010 inSPIRACJE festival, Szczecin, Poland
2010 "Atopia", Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona, Barcelona
2010 "Russian Tales", EXPRMNTL Gallery, Toulouse
2009 Seoul International Photo Festival, Seoul
2009 Smile Project, Hasselt
2009 "Face. Image. Time", Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow biennale of contemporary art, Moscow
2009 Pingyao International Photography Festival, Pingyao, China
2009 "Surfaces", Aidan Gallery, Moscow
2009 "Look at me in the Eyes", RTR Gallery, Paris
2008 Kandinsky Prize, CDH, Moscow
2007 "White Fair", Espace Art 22, Brussels
2007 Kandinsky Prize, Winzavod, Moscow
2007 Foto Festival Naarden, Naarden, Netherlands
2007 Freaks, Photoforum, Moscow
2007 Pierre Cardin Center, Paris

2016 National Museum of History and Art of Luxembourg 
2013 Musée Ianchelevici, La Louvière, Belgium
2012 “Another Face”, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
2012 Krasnodar Regional Museum of Arts, Krasnodar
2012 Allen Center, Houston
2011 “Gevaarlijk Jong”, Museum Dr. Guislain, Gent
2011 Arts Santa Monica Museum, Barcelona
2009 Jeju Museum of Art, Republic of Korea

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