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Though issued from two different horizons, the photographer Eric de Ville and Art Historian Didier Brouwers thought about a space which mainline remains the promotion of emerging artists on long-term basis, Belgian or foreigners.

Their first space opened in October 2006, with the exhibition of the now well-known street artist JonOne. Originality, artistic identity and mastered technique are the relevant keys of their choices regarding the exhibitions.

In June 2014, Didier and Eric decided to open a second space to provide a new visibility to their artists in a famous popular area of Brussels, place du Jeu de Balle. In 2017, another new space was opened also on the same square but entirely dedicated to solo shows. In 2024, the two art lovers decided to close their Brussels locations in order to open a new space in Knokke Le Zoute. The gallery, located on the seafront and surrounded by other renowned artgalleries, faces new challenges.

Followed by young and established collectors since 2006,
ART22 GALLERY de Ville & Brouwers has given birth to new collections of contemporary art.

Several of its artists are represented in public museum collections and are also listed in international auctions.

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