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Catherine Maria Chapel is a French visual artist, born in 1968 in Brest. Since very young, she practises two artistic disciplines: watercolour and photography. Both media enable her to capture elements that are close to her heart: evanescent light but also the idea of memory and the effects of the temporal barriers inherent in the process of remembering.

Catherine Maria Chapel


2022 HOMA, Lisboa, Portugal

2022 It was summertime, Baxton Gallery, Brussels

2022 Sea Sun and Sky, Visus Gallery, Lasne, Belgium

2021 Wouter de Bruycker, Antwerp

2021 Galerie IAWT, Paris
2021 "Recent work - Printings - Photographs", Wouter De Bruycker Fine Arts Gallery, Antwerp
2021 Studio-garden Verrewinkel, Brussels
2020 "Small is Beautiful", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2020 Studio-garden Verrewinkel, Brussels
2019 Imaginaires photographiques, Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2018 Solo show, Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2018 Group show, Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2017 "The artist studio show", Brussels
2016 "Allegria", Galerie Lionelle Courbet, Paris
2015 "Accrochage 5", Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2015 "Here comes the Sun", Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2015 "La mer, la mer toujours recommencée", Galerie Lionelle Courbet, Paris
2014 "12 x 12", Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2013 "Accrochage 4", Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2012 "Echappée", Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2011 Knott Gallery, Brussels
2011 "Cinco Fotografas, cinco miradas", Cortijo la Barquilla, Sorbas, Spain
2011 Paysages féminins, Drawing Now, Paris
2010 "Traversées", Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2009 "Dessin affirmatif", Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2008 "Terres aperçues", Galerie Maria Lund, Paris
2006 Josef and Anni Albers Foundation, Connecticut, USA
2004 Gallery Allen Sheppard, New York
2003 Gallery Allen Sheppard, New York
2001 Galerie Lionel Salem, Paris
1996 Gallery O', Singapore

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