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Marie Cécile Thijs, born in Rotterdam in 1964, is an artist photograph with a distinctive signature. Her portraits are still lifes, and her still lifes become portraits. She is influenced by the old masters in painting, yet her work is clearly contemporary. Stillness is key.

Marie Cécile Thijs

2024 « Icones », Smith Davidson Gallery, Amsterdam

2024 Art22 Gallery - de Ville & Brouwers, Knokke

2023 « Portraits », Maastunnel, Museum Rotterdam

2023 « Reflections », Smith Davidson Gallery, Amsterdam

2022 Smith Davidson Gallery, New York

2022 International Art Biennale, Beijing, China

2021 "The Cat, the Crown, the Collar", Gallery XII, Shanghai

2021 Smith Davidson Gallery, Miami

2021 Sholeh Abghari Gallery, Marbella, Spain
2020 Smith Davidson Gallery, Amsterdam
2020 "Small is Beautifull", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2020 Summer Show, Art22 Studio, Brussels
2019 Bugno Art Gallery, Venice, Italy
2019 Smith Davidson Gallery, Amsterdam
2019 Erasmus University, Rotterdam
2019-2018 "Bloom", Karmelklooster, Drachten, The Netherlands
2019-2018 "Glorious Delft Blue", Royal Delft, Delft
2018 "The Unusual is Natural", Palazzo Saluzzo di Paesana, Turin
2018 Miami Country Day School, Miami
2017 "Cat Love, Nine Lives in Art", Kunsthal, Rotterdam
2016 "Stills in Motion", 10CorsoComo/Gallery Carla Sozzani, Shanghai
2016 "Argentum", Smith Davidson Gallery, Amsterdam
2016 "Bal!", Soestdijk Palace, Baarn, The Netherlands
2016 "Hospital Portraits", Westfriesgasthuis, Hoorn, The Netherlands
2016 Paviljon Chairmanship European Union, Amsterdam
2016 "Dutch Identity", Museum de Fundatie, Zwolle, The Netherlands
2015 "Winter Show", Art22 Gallery, Brussels
2014 Sotheby's, Paris
2014 Mediawand Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam
2013 "Food Portraits", Eduard Planting Gallery, Amsterdam
2013 Fotofestival, Naarden
2013 "Art at the Warhouse", Eduard Planting Gallery, Rotterdam
2012 "The Last Dance", Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam
2012 Photoville, New York
2011 Supreme Court, The Hague
2009 "Black Wall", Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam
2007 Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam
2005 Melkweg Gallery, Amsterdam

2013 Winner (twice) in 6th Annual Masters Cup - Category Fine Art with "White Collar" & "Majestic"
2012 Awarded in the International Photography Awards IPA with "Unicorn"
2011 Awarded in the International Photography Awards IPA with "White Collar" & "Cooks"
2011 Awarded in the Hasselblad Masters Competition with "White Collar"
2010 Awarded in Masters Cup of the International Color Awards with "Human Angels" 

2021 Museum Fraeylemaborg, Groningen, the Netherlands

2019 Museum "De Zwarte Tulp", Lisse, The Netherlands
2018 "Between Heaven and Earth", Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, The Netherlands
2018 "We Are Food", Museum Jan Cunen, Oss, The Netherlands
2017 "Food! Eten in de Kunst", Museum Nairac, Barneveld, The Netherlands
2016 "Beauty and the Beast", MOPA, San Diego
2015 "Lust for Light", Museum "aan het Vrijthof", Maastricht
2015 Fotoweek, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
2010 Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago
2009 FotoMuseum, Antwerp

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